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Support Details

Exhibition of Model Systems
Exhibition of the center’s systems where visitors can view, touch, and operate them

Consultation at the center including individual on-site diagnosis for introducing industrial robots

Human Resource Development
Educational training for operating industrial robots, seminars for development of systems integrators, etc.

Information Provision
Provision of information about industrial robots by offering e-mail newsletters



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Mitsubishi Electric’s robots: RV-2F / RH-3F
Image recognition technology for mixed manufacturing of diversified products
Vision tracking system

This system is equipped with two robots based on the concept of mixed manufacturing of diversified products. The system’s camera identifies images of different parts in multiple types to set them aside.

Nachi-Fujikoshi’s robot: MR20
For loading and unloading workpieces processed by a working machine
Workpiece handling system

This system was developed based on the concept of loading and unloading a workpiece processed by a working machine. The system’s seven-axis robot can handle the opening shape of various working machines.

Kawada Industries’ robot: NEXTAGE
For “human-friendly” assembly
Assembly system

This assembly system conveys the concept of “human-friendly” with its dual-arm robot, giving us a picture of the near future of the manufacturing industry.

Kawasaki Heavy Industries’ robot: YS002N
For fast and high-precision mixed manufacturing
Picking system

This system, equipped with the parallel link robot, can be utilized for both sorting and assembly on the same line. This is appealing to the three major product industries, the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry, and the cosmetics industry.

Kawasaki Heavy Industries’ robot: duAro
For assembly as well as hospitality
Assembly system

This robotic system serves paper cups using its human-friendly double-arm SCARA robot. Visitors can experience some simple operations of this robot.

KUKA Japan’s robot: LBR iiwa
For assembly which requires safety and high precision
Assembly system

LBR iiwa has a seven-axis structure and is highly flexible, having ultrasensitive torque sensors on its all axes. This collaborative robot can carry out highly-sensitive assembly work.

Reservations are necessary for joining observational tours of these model systems.

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Consultation at the Center
An observational tour and consultation at the center are provided free of charge.
Automation and Labor-Saving

What are the benefits of introducing robots?

Robotic Systems

What is the best robotic system for our company?

Introduction of Robots

What should we start with to achieve automation?

Business Improvement

How can we secure quality staff resources?

Business Improvement

Expensive manpower cost strains the manufacturing cost.

Issues after Introducing Robots

There is no in-house engineer who can handle robots.

On-Site Individual Diagnosis for Introducing Robots
We provide on-site diagnosis, consultation and diagnosis for promoting robotic equipment introduction, and consultation for automation.

We provide consultation for companies that consider automation for manufacturing facilities based on industrial robots. During the consultation, we interview and observe your factory in order to propose automation systems that can achieve automation or labor-saving in certain processes or operations. By doing so, we support your company so that you can introduce the best robotic system.


Robot Operation Training Courses (Basic course and practical training course)

[Basic course]This course is provided for those considering introducing industrial robots, where the trainees can learn safety procedures and basic operations of robots including programming.

[Practical training course]This course is provided for those specifically considering introducing automation systems, where the trainees receive training by using the robotic systems exhibited in the center.

Support Seminars for Automation and Labor-Saving

Inviting instructors from universities, robot manufacturers, and other institutions, we conduct lectures that teach knowledge and concepts including other related matters to promote automation and labor-saving.

[Development of systems integrators]

Robotic systems integrators play an important role in various stages from planning the optimum robotic system to designing, introducing, and operating a robotic system. With the aim to disseminate robotic systems, we provide active robotic systems integrators and those who want to become robotic systems integrators with training sessions for improving their skills further.


Information Provided by the Center

We deliver helpful updated information regarding industrial robots, such as the latest news, subsidy information, and more!!

By means of providing support for introducing industrial robots and development of related engineers, the Sagamihara ROBOT SUPPORT CENTER assists manufacturing companies in Sagamihara to enhance productivity, strengthen technical and business competitiveness, and solve labor shortages.

This project is implemented on a commission by the Sagamihara City Government based on the subsidy of regional revitalization.

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